OSI Model Diagrams

A collection of ISO model diagrams are available in this post for free! A variety of 101 Diagramss provided will help you in studying the structure of the ISO model diagram. The Open System Interconnections (ISO) model defines a networking framework to implement protocols in layers, with control passed from one layer to the next. It is primarily used today as a teaching tool. It conceptually divides computer network architecture into 7 layers in a logical progression. See the first example of the 7 layers diagram in the following image.

osi model diagram 7 layers
image via ebrahma.com

The upper layers of the OSI model diagram like the one posted above represent software that implements network services like encryption and connection management. The lower layers of the OSI model implement hardware-oriented functions such as routing, addressing and flow control. All data that goes over a network connection passes through each of the seven layers. For example, Internet Protocol (IP) corresponds to the Network layer of the OSI model, layer 3 (counting from the bottom). TCP and UDP correspond to OSI model layer 4, the Transport layer. Lower layers of the OSI model are represented by technologies such as Ethernet. Higher layers of the OSI model are represented by application protocols like TCP and UDP. More 101 Diagramss are provided below.

osi model diagram example
image via infocellar.com
osi model diagram data
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osi model diagram comparison
image via nsgn.net

The seven layers of the model are stacked this way: Application, Presentation, Session, Transport, Network, Data Link, and Physical. To make it easy for you to understand, just keep the phrase “All People Seem To Need Data Processing” in mind. Take a look at the following diagrams.

osi model diagram layers
image via ebrahma.com
osi model diagram reference
image via elsalvadorla.org
osi model diagram template
image via sanelijomiddle.cus

All presented are the teaching resources for ISO model diagrams that you can freely save. Find other educational diagrams in this site by looking through our archive or typing the keyword in the search column!