Water Heater Diagrams

A collection of water heater diagrams are available in the following 101 Diagramss to help you learn about the parts of water heater. The diagrams that we have collected in the following pictures below show basic parts of water heater. The standard “tank type” water heater is found in most homes and it heats cold water and stores the hot water until it is needed. The diagram below will give you a clear understanding of the components which make up the tank type gas water heater.

water heater diagram gas
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The gas water heater works by a law of physics called convection which loosely paraphrased, states that heat rises. Cold water is supplied to the tank and injected at the bottom of the tank through a dip tube. The denser cold water stays there and is heated by the gas burner. As the water heats up, it naturally rises and is drawn off by the hot water discharge pipe. The following water heater diagrams provided below show the parts of electric water heater. Follow the 101 Diagramss to study more about the parts of the heater.

water heater diagram detailed
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water heater diagram electric
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water heater diagram labeled
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You’ll notice in the diagram above that the hot water pipe is much shorter than the cold water pipe. This ensures that only the hottest water is being used from the tank. The hot water heater has simple parts and some safety features. Electric water heaters operate by use of either one or two direct immersion heating elements, controlled by either thermostats or a microprocessor control module, which heat the water in the tank to the desired temperature.

water heater diagram parts
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water heater diagram works
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water heater diagram worksheet
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All these pictures presented are printable water heater diagram resources. There is also the unlabeled version that you can use for evaluation or quiz. Learn more about the other educational diagrams by browsing through our categories or looking it up on the search column!