Teeth Diagram

Teeth Diagram to basically explain you about the part of human teeth in kids and adults. It is the part in our mouth to break any food down we eat mechanically.

teeth diagram numbers

What is tooth? It is the part in our mouth to break any food down we eat. We all know about the tooth or teeth; when we eat something we use our teeth to chew the food into soft one in order to the food be able to swallow. And so do many of living beings including animals. They have teeth too.

teeth diagram with numbers and names

Some of the animals have the different structure of their teeth and therefore their food are also different. For example canine tooth animals are carnivore which is meat eaters. So, aside from animals, human teeth are also different when they reach certain age. Teeth numbers and structures from kids are different than the teeth from adults. In here we will know more about it through these diagrams.

teeth diagram with labels teeth diagram numbered teeth diagram with numbers teeth diagram for kids