Diagrams of Flower Parts

Get these printable hands-on diagrams of flower parts to assist your study about flower anatomy. These 101 Diagramss are designed to guide you in studying the structure of a flower in general and detail. In a flower, there are some important parts such as petals, sepals, one or more carpels, and stamens. Take a look at the following flower diagram below.

diagram of flower image
image via www.galleryhip.com

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Flower Parts Diagrams

A collection of flower parts diagrams are available in this post to help you learn about the parts of a flower. With the beauty that it possesses, flower mainly becomes the representation of love and aesthetics. The beauty in a flower is made up from several parts including petals, sepals, and the male part called the stamen and the female part called the pistil. For more details of the structure of a flower, follow our anatomy diagrams in the following images.

flower parts diagram detailed
image via quranreveals.com

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