Diagrams of Female Reproductive System

Learning about the reproductive system is a must to get you understand about how a human can be born. Well, both the male and female reproductive systems are essential for reproduction. The female needs a male to fertilize her egg, even though it is she who carries offspring through pregnancy and childbirth. The female reproductive system includes a group of organs in a woman’s lower belly and pelvis. To know more about the details of the anatomy, these following diagrams of female reproductive system will be really a useful media for you.

diagram of female reproductive system detail
image via dana-farber.org

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Female Reproductive System Diagram

Learning or teaching female reproductive system needs media. And when you’re talking about media, it’s the best to use a diagram to ease the educational process of the reproductive system. Well, in brief, the female reproductive system is made up of internal organs, including the vagina, uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes. It is also made up of the external genital organs, including the parts that make up the vulva. All the internal organs are located in the pelvis, which is the lower part of the abdomen between the hip bones. To know more about the details of the anatomy, these following female reproductive system diagrams will be really handful.

female reproductive system diagram anantomy
image via innerbody.com

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