Earth Diagrams for Class 3

Study the structures/layers of the earth with the following printable Earth Diagrams for Class 3. These earth diagrams show the structures of the earth’s layers and season divisions with the labels. Check out the diagram of the earth layers in the first diagram below. You can choose which diagram fits your need to download and print, just click on the image to download and start printing!

Planet Earth Diagram

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Earth Diagrams to Print

A collection of earth diagrams are available in the following 101 Diagramss to help you learn about the structures of the earth. The images that we have collected in the following images below show basic layers of the earth. In this educational diagram post about Science learn about the layers of the earth, the crust, the mantle, and the core. First diagram below is the easy and simple version that you can use to teach kids.

earth diagram for kids
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