T-s Diagrams

Printable T-s diagrams to show you temperature-entropy diagrams frequently used to analyze energy transfer system cycles. This diagram is used in thermodynamics to visualize changes to temperature and specific entropy during a thermodynamic process or cycle. We’ll begin by showing you the organic rankine T-s diagram below.

Organic Rankine Cycle T-s Diagram
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T-s diagram is a useful and common tool, particularly because it helps to visualize the heat transfer during a process. An isentropic process is depicted as a vertical line on a T–s diagram, whereas an isothermal process is a horizontal line. In an idealized state, compression is a pump, compression in a compressor and expansion in a turbine are isentropic processes. Therefore this  diagram very useful in power engineering, because these devices are used in thermodynamic cycles of power plants. More kinds of the diagrams (rankine and refrigeration) are provided below.

Rankine Cycle T-s Diagram
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Refrigeration Cycle T-s Diagram
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Lines of constant pressure curve from the lower left to upper right on a T-s diagram. A constant pressure process is called an isobaric process and this type of process occurs in the combustor of a gas turbine engine. During an isentropic process there is no change in the entropy of the system and the process is reversible. An isentropic process appears as a vertical line on a T-s diagram. The area under a process curve on a T-s diagram is related to the amount of heat transferred to the gas. The following are T-s diagrams ocean and steam.

T-s Diagram Ocean
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T-s Diagram Steam.svg
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