Swim Lane Diagrams

A collection of swim lane diagram examples are available in the following 101 Diagramss to help you learn about the process diagram. The diagrams that we have collected in the following pictures below show basic example of business process swim lane diagram that you can use as reference in making your own diagram.

swim lane diagram business process
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A swim lane diagram is a visual element used in process flow diagrams, or flowcharts, that visually distinguishes job sharing and responsibilities for sub-processes of a business process. Swim lanes may be arranged either horizontally or vertically. Like a flowchart, it diagrams a process from start to finish, but it also divides these steps into categories to help distinguish which departments or employees are responsible for each set of actions. These lanes are columns that keep actions visually separated from others. The following examples of the diagrams will help you understand more about the use of the swim lane diagrams.

swim lane diagram chart example
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swim lane diagram flow
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This type of diagram is also known as a Rummler-Brache diagram or a cross-functional diagram (swimlanes are sometimes called functional bands). When used to diagram a business process that involves more than one department, swimlanes often serve to clarify not only the steps and who is responsible for each one, but also how delays, mistakes or cheating are most likely to occur. It can help to ensure that the right hand knows what the left is doing in an organization.

swim lane diagram process flow
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swim lane diagram sample
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A swim lane diagram is also useful in helping departments work together in a world where departments often don’t understand what the other departments do. All these pictures presented are printable swim lane diagram examples. Learn more about the other educational diagrams by browsing through our categories or looking it up on the search column!