Ray Diagrams

Ray Diagrams to mainly explain you about the general understanding about ray diagrams and to provide you with some images example in diagram.

ray diagrams for lenses

What do you know about ray diagrams? It is a diagram showing you about how the light (or ray) ricochets or bounces into some kind of optics or mirrors directly or indirectly into an objects or two. As mentioned before, ray is from light in a model which is captured by selecting a line which is straight (vertical or horizontal) into the actual light of wave. Then it directs to the direction of the flow from the energy. With this diagram one can even analyze optical system with math theories or with computer simulation. The following images are the example of ray diagrams.

ray diagrams for converging lenses ray diagrams for diverging lenses ray diagrams for concave mirrors ray diagrams for mirrors ray diagrams for convex lenses

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