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Find a large selection of PV diagrams for your teaching and learning resources in this post. A bunch of large-and-high definition diagrams are available for free! A Pressure Volume diagram or PV diagram is a convenient way to visualize changes in the pressure and volume. Each point on a PV diagram corresponds to a different state of the gas. The pressure is given on the vertical axis and the volume is given on the horizontal axis, as can be seen on the following diagram.

pv diagram adiabatic
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PV diagram is used to describe corresponding changes in volume and pressure in a system. This diagram plots the change in pressure P with respect to volume V for some process or processes. Typically in thermodynamics, the set of processes forms a cycle, so that upon completion of the cycle there has been no net change in state of the system; i.e. the device returns to the starting pressure and volume. They are commonly used in thermodynamics, cardiovascular physiology, and respiratory physiology. During the adiabatic process, the adiabatic compression of a gas causes a rise in temperature of the gas. Adiabatic expansion against pressure, or a spring, causes a drop in temperature. Carnot cycle diagrams are posted below.

pv diagram carnot cycle
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pv diagram carnot
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pv diagram isobaric
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The Carnot cycle comprises two ideal reversible isothermal and two reversible adiabatic processes in a heat engine. When plotted on a pressure-volume diagram, the isothermal processes follow the isotherm lines for the gas, adiabatic processes move between isotherms and the area bounded by the complete cycle path represents the total work that can be done during one cycle. On a PV diagram, lines of constant temperature curve from the upper left to the lower right. A process perform at constant temperature is called an isothermal process. This process is in contrast with the adiabatic process, which can be seen in the following illustration.

pv diagram isothermal
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pv diagram water
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pv diagram work
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All presented are the kinds of PV diagrams for your teaching resources. All images are free to download and you can find other educational diagram resources in the other posts in this site!