Printable Ankle Diagrams

Get yourself more knowledge about ankle anatomy and look no further than these printable ankle diagrams to learn more about the ankle anatomy. The are available in printable size, just click on the images to download it. We’ll start by giving you the ankle anatomy diagram below.

Ankle Diagram Anatomy
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The ankle joint is composed of three bones, seen above from a front, or anterior, view: the tibia which forms the inside, or medial, portion of the ankle; the fibula which forms the lateral, or outside portion of the ankle; and the talus underneath. In the ankle diagram above you can see the location of the tendons, and for more detailed view of the muscle and bones, take a look at the 101 Diagramss below.

Ankle Diagram Tendons
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Ankle Diagram Bones
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There are multiple muscles in the ankle: The peroneal muscles (peroneus longus and peroneus brevis), on the outside edge of the ankle and foot. These muscles allow the ankle to bend downward and outward. The calf muscles (gastrocnemius and soleus), which are connected to the calcaneus via the Achilles tendon.

Illustrations of the Ankle Diagram
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Outside Ankle Diagram
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Study the overall and complete anatomy of the ankle using these diagrams. All these diagrams are free and printable, just click on the picture to enlarge and save it. Don’t forget to share this article to your social media! Thank you and see you on the next page!