Polar Area Diagrams

If you are looking for some examples of the polar area diagram, we have a set of examples of the pie charts along with the original diagram from Florence Nightingale. The original was in color with the outer area in blue, the central darker areas in black, and the central lighter areas in red. The following diagram below is the original and the very first version of the pie chart created by Florence Nightingale.

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Florence nightingale polar area diagram

image via crab.rutgers.edu

In the original polar area diagram above, the Areas of the blue, red, & black wedges are each measured from the center as the common vertex. The polar area chart is similar to a usual pie chart, except sectors are equal angles and differ rather in how far each sector extends from the center of the circle. The polar area diagram is used to plot cyclic phenomena, for example, the count of deaths by month.

Polar area diagram by nightingale

image via www.sebastianmeier.eu

Graph for polar area diagram

image via launaromrell.files.wordpress.com

This type of chart is often useful when we want to show a comparison data similar to a pie chart, but also show a scale of values for context. Nightingale Rose’s chart is drawn on a polar coordinate grid. Each category or interval in the data is divided into equal segments on this radial chart. Each ring from the center of the polar grid can be used as a scale to plot the segment size and represent a higher value.

Polar area diagram excel

image via 3dexcel.com

True wind polar area diagram

image via www.myhanse.com

Some of these examples of the diagram are similar to a pie chart, but with constant angles and varying area proportional to data. Use these diagrams to study the polar area and make sure to visit back to get more updates on printable educational diagrams!

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