Ovary Diagrams to Print

A handy of ovary diagrams are available in high resolution for free! Get these ovary structure diagrams to ease you in studying about the woman reproductive system! The ovaries are the organs in a woman’s reproductive system that produce eggs (ova.) They are almond-shaped and about 3.5 cm (1.5 inches) long. The ovaries are deep in a woman’s pelvis, on both sides of the uterus (womb), close to the ends of the Fallopian tubes. They are also responsible for the production of sex hormones. They are paired organs located on either side of the uterus within the broad ligament below the fallopian tubes. Anatomy of the ovaries is displayed in the images below.

ovary diagram anatomy
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The ovary diagram below is the zoomed structure of the ovary. The ovaries are small, oval-shaped, and grayish in color, with an uneven surface. The actual size of an ovary depends on a woman’s age and hormonal status; the ovaries, covered by a modified peritoneum, are approximately 3-5 cm in length during childbearing years and become much smaller and then atrophic once menopause occurs. A cross-section of the ovary reveals many cystic structures that vary in size. These structures represent ovarian follicles at different stages of development and degeneration. More diagrams can be seen below.

ovary diagram deatil
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ovary diagram image
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ovary diagram labeled
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The ovary is within the ovarian fossa, a space that is bound by the external iliac vessels, obliterated umbilical artery, and the ureter. The ovaries are responsible for housing and releasing ova, or eggs, necessary for reproduction. At birth, a female has approximately 1-2 million eggs, but only 300 of these eggs will ever become mature and be released for the purpose of fertilization. Each ovary is surrounded by a thin layer of tissue called the capsule.

ovary diagram picture
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ovary diagram structure
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ovary diagram system
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