Ocean Floor Diagrams

Learn more about ocean floor diagrams using these hands-on 101 Diagramss that we have collected for you! In the following diagrams, the detailed illustrations of ocean floor or seabed are illustrated clear pictures. Follow these diagrams to study more about ocean floor and we’ll start by giving you the first seabed diagram below.

ocean floor diagram deep

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From the ocean floor diagram above, you can see that shorelines do not mark where the continents end. From the shorelines, land begins to slope gently downhill and underwater. The edge of the continent that is under water is called the continental shelf. Continental shelves were formed as rivers carried tons of particles of sand and soil from the land out to sea. This sand and soil then settled as layers of sediments, or layers of particles of rock and animal remains. At the edge of the continental shelf is a slope that may vary from steep to gradual known as the continental slope. Other illustrations of the seabed are provided in the following 101 Diagramss.
ocean floor diagram worksheet

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ocean floor diagram unlabeled

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ocean floor diagram landforms

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The continental slope separates the continental shelf from the ocean floor. The ocean basin, or floor, begins at the bottom of the continental slope. Many plains on the ocean basin are larger and flatter than any found on the Earth’s surface. They are called abyssal plains. Abyssal plains are formed by sediments deposited by turbidity currents and sediments continually falling from the seawater above. The deepest parts of the ocean floor are long, narrow cracks called trenches, which have been caused by shifts in the crustal plates.
ocean floor diagram labeled

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ocean floor diagram explore

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ocean floor diagram example

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The shape of the ocean floor helps determine weather patterns, when and where tsunamis will strike and management of fisheries that feed millions. All these diagrams are printable and you are also provided the worksheet or unlabeled version of the diagrams. Learn more about the other biology structure and anatomy diagrams by browsing through our latest posts or looking it up on the search column!
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