Microscope Diagram

Microscope Diagram to basically show and explain you about the entire part of microscope and its function.

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microscope diagram labeled

There are some stuffs or things which are too small for us to see with our naked eyes. Those things such as particles, cells, viruses which can make people fallen ill, or even small animals or bugs like flea, and any other micro organisms. But there is a way to see those things and to identify even the smallest one which cannot be seen by the simple eye. That way is using a tool called microscope.

microscope diagram worksheet to print

Microscope is usually used in many laboratories for research purpose. For example; examining blood sample or some liquids of chemical substance. The name of the tools itself is explaining it all, with micro means small and scope means instrument to see. And the tool has several part and function that can be seen in the diagrams below.

microscope diagram and functions microscope diagram and part function microscope diagram with labels microscope diagram worksheet

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