Lymphatic System Diagram

Lymphatic System Diagram is one of the medical diagrams to mainly explain you about what is lymphatic system and to provide you with example diagrams as well.

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lymphatic system diagram in neck

What is lymphatic system? Do you know anything about it? In this occasion we will discuss about the general explanation of lymphatic system. Lymphatic system is a system which carries a clear liquid called lymph directly to the heart of a human or living organism. It is the part of circulatory blood system.

lymphatic system diagram worksheet

The function of this system is to provide a path way for the left remaining unfiltered blood to get returned to their origin. Another function of this system is to build immune system, it is some sort of defense mechanism in our blood. The following diagrams are the example of lymphatic system.

lymphatic system diagram labeled quiz

lymphatic system diagram lymph node lymphatic system diagram quiz lymphatic system diagram labeled

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