Leg Muscles Diagrams Human Anatomy

On this page, we have provided printable leg muscles diagrams for you to download and print. These leg muscle diagrams show you the major muscles of the human leg. The majority of muscles in the leg are considered long muscles, in that they stretch great distances. Check out the diagram of leg muscle anatomy in the first diagram below.

Left Leg Muscles Diagram
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In the leg muscles diagram above, there are many muscles that make up your legs and support it to move. One of the most important tendons in terms of mobility of the leg is the Achilles tendon. This important tendon in the back of the calf and ankle stores the elastic energy needed for running, jumping, and other physical activity. The largest muscle masses in the leg are present in the thigh and the calf. The hamstrings are three muscles at the back of the thigh that affect hip and knee movement.

Front Leg Muscles Diagram
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Names of Leg Muscles Diagram
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There are many muscles located in the lower leg such as the gastrocnemius and the soleus, which are the most powerful muscles in the lower leg, and the anterior tibialis. The lower leg is divided into four compartments that contain the various muscles of the lower leg: anterior, lateral, posterior and deep posterior. These muscles can exert tremendous power while constantly making small adjustments for balance.

Lower Leg Muscles Diagram
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Leg Muscles Diagram Blank
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Leg muscles work hard in supporting, balancing, and propelling the body. These diagrams show you an in-depth and satisfying understanding of each muscle group within the leg anatomy. Click on any of these leg muscles diagrams for a better view!