Knee Diagram

Knee Diagram to basically describe you about every part of your knee including bones, muscles, and tendons. Welcome to, the site that provide great resources of images for your education and knowledge about various kind of diagrams. Including the medical diagrams,  anatomy diagrams worksheet and many more.

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diagram of knee pain diagnosis

We have a part of our legs which connect the upper legs part and bottom one and in order to bent in one direction. It is our knee. Knee has its own function, as mentioned before. It connect the joints between the thigh and calf. Also to support you to move, knee is needed. It can help you walk, jump, and even run.

diagram of knee ligaments

Knee is the largest joint in a human body. However it is vulnerable to any injury with blunt trauma. If it got injuries, it might have been bandaged or set casts on it. There are also several bones and muscles names in it. Here are the example of knee in diagram.

diagram of knee ligaments and tendons diagram of knee anatomy diagram of knee pain diagram of knee parts

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