Kidney Diagram

Kidney Diagram to describe you about one of human organs which is kidney. This site contains the medical diagrams, mathematics diagrams symbol, biology diagrams, anatomy diagrams worksheet, sports diagram and many more.

kidney diagram anatomy

Kidney is one of the living being organs. On the human, it is located just beneath our stomach and near our hips. It has the form like peanut bean but it is bigger. We have two of them. They are used for filtering our blood and water that we drink and turning them into waste fluid we called urine or in common language is pee.

kidney diagram labeled

Sometimes if one of them can’t work we can still be breathing. Normally people can live with one kidney. And therefore there are some who donate one of their kidney to the blood cross or hospital. Here we can see how it is looks like and what are the parts that consist in it.

kidney diagram with labels kidney diagram quiz kidney diagram in body kidney diagram worksheet

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