Horse Diagram

Horse Diagram to mainly describe you about every body part of a horse including its skeletal system and to provide you with some diagrams of it for example.

horse diagram of body parts

Most of people should be familiar with this animal. This animal is called horse. It is one of the ‘transportation’ animal used since in the past age long time ago. Ever since now it is still used as transportation for some people. Horse also has scientific name which isĀ equus caballus.

horse diagram kids

And it also has common (and some are particular) body parts from others mammals. They are including knee, forearm, back, shoulder, forehead, muzzle, tail, and many others. Its skeletal systems are as follows: cranium, humerous, ribcage, femur, tarsus, carpus, etc. You can check the rest at this diagrams below as example of horse diagram.

horse diagram kids coloring horse diagram without labels horse diagram for kids horse diagram quiz