Frog Diagram

Frog Diagram to mainly describe you about every part of frog body including the internal organs and to provide you with some examples in diagram.

frog diagram worksheet

Do you know about this animal? Frog, it is an amphibian animal we often see around the watery environment; such as swamps, rivers, or caves with water fountain. Sometimes we also see them around the rainy season. This poor little animal is actually also a subject for an experiment for biology subject whether it’s in the school, college, or laboratory.

frog diagram for kids

People usually dissect them to do a research or experiment about the internal organs of this animal. They have organs such as heart, pancreas, lungs, liver, precaval, brachial, cardiac, renal, and many others parts which are can be seen in the diagrams below as the example.

frog diagram labeled frog diagram internal organs frog diagram quiz frog diagram with details

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