Free Bike Parts Diagrams

Printable references of bike parts diagrams are available here, provided in the following list. You’ll learn about the basic parts of a bike/bicycle through these parts diagrams. All the 101 Diagramss provided are all in high definition that allows you to print it in larger size. Check out the first diagram of bike parts below.

Mountain Bike Parts Diagram
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Wheels are the most important parts in a bike. A bike wheel is made up of a hub, spokes, a rim, tire, and tube. Each part of the wheel may require different material properties. The frame is the core to the bicycle as a complete functional unit. Material selection importance should lay with strength and weight. The following bike parts diagrams will show you more parts.

Schwinn Bike Parts Diagram
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Road Bike Parts Diagram
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The components is the bicycle industry’s name for the moving mechanical parts: everything but the wheel, frame, seat and handle bars. Some examples of the bicycle components are brake/shifting levers, crank, front derailer, rear derailer, cassette, and chain.

Exploded Bike Parts Diagram
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Derailleur Bike Parts Diagram
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Knowing the bike component names will help you when you need to explain something to a mechanic working on your bike or when you’re shopping for upgrades. Just click on the images to enlarge and save the diagrams. Find more various diagram resources in our site by looking through our collections or search column!