Fetal Pig Diagrams to Print

Looking for pictures of  fetal pig anatomy dissection? This time we have a bunch of fetal pig diagrams for you in high quality pictures! Well, just like frogs and earthworms, fetal pigs are among the most common animals used in classroom dissection. There are several reasons for this, the main reason being that pigs, like humans, are mammals. Shared traits include common hair, mammary glands, live birth, similar organ systems, metabolic levels, and basic body form. Therefore, a fetal pig is a great choice for dissection because the size of the organs make them easy to find and identify. Use the following resources to review the anatomy of the pig. The first one below is the dissection guide.

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fetal pig diagram disection

image via pinstopin.com

Fetal pigs are unborn pigs used in elementary as well as advanced biology classes as objects for dissection. Pigs, as a mammalian species, provide a good specimen for the study of physiological systems and processes due to the similarities between many pig and human organs. While pictures are useful for learning the anatomy of the fetal pig, be careful with only memorizing drawings. Real pigs are not as cleanly pictured and the parts not perfectly aligned. Be sure to study the real pig photographs also. Okay, more fetal pig diagrams are posted below.

fetal pig diagram bones

image via sanelijomiddle.us

fetal pig diagram arteries

image via insectanatomy.com

fetal pig diagram muscles

image via pinstopin.com

The diagrams above include the labels for the arteries, muscles, and bones of fetal pig. The anatomy of a fetal pig is similar to that of the adult pig in various aspects. Systems that are similar include the nervous, skeletal, respiratory, (neglecting the under developed diaphragm), and muscular. Other important body systems have significant differences from the adult pig.

fetal pig diagram organ

image via quoteimg.com

fetal pig diagram unlabeled

image via pinterest.com

fetal pig diagram anatomy

image via pic2fly.com

The fetal pig’s digestive organs are well developed before birth, although it does not ingest food. All these pictures can be saved for free. Just click on the image to enlarge and save it. Learn more about the other animal dissection diagrams through the other posts that we have provided in the previous posts!

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