Female Body Diagrams

Basic outline and examples of female body are provided in the following female body diagrams. There are examples of the outline curve, blank body outline and the body language. Follow and print out these body diagrams to study more about the structures of the female body and we’ll start by giving you the first basic outline female curve diagram below.

Basic Outline Female Body Diagram
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The body outline is available for female body –just like what shown in the provided female body diagram above, offering a basic structure of the body from head to toe. Below is the outline of what is usually called as pear curved body. The right curves with tiny shoulders but voluptuous hips.

Pear Female Body Diagram
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The entire female reproductive system is housed in the pelvic region. The role of the reproductive system is to produce a baby, imbeds in the uterus. The role of the uterus (womb) is to house and protect a growing fetus until childbirth. During pregnancy the uterus wall expands to accommodate the growing baby. The vagina extends from the vulva to the neck of the cervix. Its role is to act as a point of entry for a penis during sex, and to act as an exit-channel for a baby during childbirth.

Female Body Diagram Language
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Printable Blank Female Body Diagram
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With these diagrams, we hope you find more insight about the female body line. Get more educational diagrams in our site by browsing through numerous categories and explore our growing list of anatomy diagrams!