Eyeball Diagram

Eyeball Diagram to basically describe you about the parts of human eyeball and to provide you with some examples in diagram.

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eyeball diagram worksheet

Humans have two eyeballs normally. They are important for them to be able to see vision. They work by reflecting the light and transferring the image into the brain through the lenses, generally. There are several parts on the eyeball. Each parts are corresponding each other in order the image can be seen with eyes. That way the eyes can work properly.

eyeball diagram for kids eyeball diagram labeled

Some of the abnormalities in the eyes can cause from minor damage till major damage. Minor damage can be still cured or anticipated with using some eye drops or glasses. Major damage is the worst case scenario, which is the eyes could be blinded. Here are some examples of eyeball in diagram.

eyeball diagram labeled with descriptions eyeball diagram quiz Farshighted_Eye_Diagram

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