Exploded View AR-15 Parts & List Diagrams

Start building your AR-15 but firstly make sure you have a good AR-15 schematic to use as a guide in assembling it. We provide you a collection of AR-15 parts diagrams for you to guide you in assembling your rifle. All of the 101 Diagramss are provided below.

AR-15 Parts Diagram Lists
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These printable AR-15 parts diagrams collection is helpful in finding the correct names of parts and determining what they look like.  Before you start assembling, arrange all your tools on your workbench so they are easy to access on your mat. Group your parts together by assembly or with related parts. Refer to the parts diagrams to aid you in this grouping process.

AR-15 Parts Diagram Poster
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Exploded AR-15 Parts Diagram
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The lower receiver group connects to the upper receiver group, and together, the two parts complete the rifle. You’ll find the trigger group, buffer tube, magazine release, safety selector, bolt catch and all other necessary components. The diagram of the lower receiver parts are provided below.

Lower Receiver AR-15 Parts Diagram
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Rifle AR-15 Parts Diagram
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With this diagram, you’ll be ready to confidently order and assemble your parts. Choose from these diagrams to understand the AR-15 parts diagrams. Learn more about the other anatomy and parts diagrams by browsing through our categories or looking it up on the search column!