Diagrams of the Sun

A collection of diagrams of the sun are available in the following 101 Diagramss to help you learn about the structures of the sun. The images that we have collected in the following images below show basic layers of the sun. The Sun is the star at the center of the Solar System. It is by far the biggest thing in the solar system. Its distance alone, is almost 150 million kilometers, while its diameter is determined to be 1,392,000 kilometers. This is equal to 109 Earth diameters and almost 10 times the size of the largest planet, Jupiter. With its enormousness, you might wonder what makes up this biggest star in the universe. Learn the following diagram.

diagram of the sun detail
image via www.scienceray.com

All of the planets orbit the Sun because of its enormous gravity. In the 101 Diagrams of the sun above, the detail parts and structures of the sun are illustrated clearly. Much like the earth, the Sun has many different layers that define its structure. Unlike the earth, the Sun is completely gaseous, there is no solid surface on the Sun. More diagrams of the sun are posted in the following images.

diagram of the sun image
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diagram of the sun labeled
image via www.astronomynow.com

The deepest layer of the Sun is the photosphere. This region of the Sun is the first part of the Sun that is visible to us. This is where the light we see from the Sun originates. Above the photosphere is a layer of the atmosphere about 2,000 km thick called the chromosphere. The chromosphere is no longer white light like the photosphere but is mostly red in visible light. It can be seen as red flashes during a total solar eclipse. The highest part of the solar atmosphere is called the corona. The corona extends millions of kilometers above the photosphere and emits about half as much light as the full moon.

diagram of the sun layers
image via www.nasa.gov
diagram of the sun printable
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diagram of the sun structure
image via www.vitazheltyakov.deviantart.com

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