Diagrams of the Sun Printable

Take a tour to these free and printable diagrams of the sun to give you more than a peak about the structures and layers of the Sun! We have five downloadable sun diagrams to help you study deeper into the sun structures. Take a look at the first diagram we provided below.

Diagram of the Sun Nuclear
image via www.cosmos.esa.int

Can you see the layers of the Sun in the diagrams of the sun above? The Sun is the most prominent feature in our solar system. It is the largest object and contains approximately 98% of the total solar system mass. The Sun is mostly just a ball of hydrogen and helium, it’s actually broken up into distinct layers. The layers of the Sun are created because the temperatures and pressures increase as you move towards the center of the Sun. The hydrogen and helium behave differently under the changing conditions. More diagrams of the sun are available below.

Factual Diagram of the Sun
image via infactcollaborative.com
Simple Diagram of the Sun
image via kidspressmagazine.com

The chromosphere is above the photosphere. Solar energy passes through this region on its way out from the center of the Sun. The corona is the outer part of the Sun’s atmosphere. It is in this region that prominences appears. Prominences are immense clouds of glowing gas that erupt from the upper chromosphere. The outer region of the corona stretches far into space and consists of particles traveling slowly away from the Sun. The corona can only be seen during total solar eclipses.

Unlabeled Diagram of the Sun
image via upload.wikimedia.org
Diagram of the Sun Test
image via docplayer.net

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