Diagrams of Male Reproductive System

Study more about the structure of male reproductive system using this collection of 101 Diagramss. The detailed anatomy of male reproductive system is available in the following diagrams below. We have five downloadable diagrams of male reproductive system to help you study deeper into the anatomy. Take a look at the first diagram we provided below.

Diagram of Male Reproductive System Parker Publishing
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The male reproductive system includes external (penis, scrotum, epididymus, and testes) and internal (accessory) organs. The penis is the male organ for sexual intercourse and urination. Semen and urine leave the penis through the urethra. The scrotum is a loose, pouch-like sack of skin that hangs behind the penis, containing the testes. More diagrams of male reproductive system are provided below.

Diagram of Male Reproductive System Drawing
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Diagram of Male Reproductive System Project
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The scrotum is a sac-like organ made of skin and muscles that houses the testes. It is located inferior to the penis in the pubic region. The testicles are the male gonads responsible for the production of sperm and testosterone. The epididymis, a whitish mass of tightly coiled tubes cupped against the testicles, acts as a maturation and storage for sperm before they pass into the vas deferens, that carry sperm to the ampullary gland and prostatic ducts.

Diagram of Male Reproductive System Unlabeled
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Diagram of Male Reproductive System 3D
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