Diagrams of Lymph Nodes

Almost about 500-700 lymph nodes spread throughout the human body. Help yourself in learning about the small lumps using these lymph nodes diagrams in details! Not just function as the tissue that contain white blood cells, lymph nodes are also important in fighting infection. They filter lymph fluid, which is composed of fluid and waste products from your body tissues. Click on the the following anatomy diagram to see more about what we’re talking about.

diagram of lymph nodes anatomy
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The 101 Diagramss will help you to illustrate the structures of lymph nodes. The lymph nodes are critical for the body’s immune response and are principal sites where many immune reactions are initiated. If you ever wondered why during a physical examination, doctors often look for swollen lymph nodes in areas where lymph nodes are abundant, it is because swollen lymph nodes  are usually the sign of a particular disease. Click on the following lymph nodes diagrams.

diagram of lymph nodes histology
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diagram of lymph nodes human
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diagram of lymph nodes labeled
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Like what is shown in the diagrams above, there are many lymph nodes spread throughout your body. Lymph nodes range in size from a few millimeters to about 1–2 cm long. Each lymph node is surrounded by a fibrous capsule, which extends inside the lymph node to form trabeculae. The substance of the lymph node is divided into the outer cortex and the inner medulla. The cortex is continuous around the medulla except where the medulla comes into direct contact with the hilum. There are about 500-700 lymph nodes spread throughout the body. Click on the diagrams below for highly detailed pictures of where the lymph nodes are located.

diagram of lymph nodes neck
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diagram of lymph nodes shaped
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diagram of lymph nodes system
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Lymph nodes help activating your immune system if you have an infection. They filter harmful substances like bacteria and cancer cells from your body, and help fight infections. They also play an important role in cancer diagnosis, treatment and prognosis. With such importance, learn more about the medical anatomy of lymph nodes using these 101 Diagramss. You can also find the other kinds of resourceful diagrams in this site.