Diagrams of Human Nervous System

If you’re looking for printable anatomy resources of human nervous system then you have visited the right page. We have a bunch of diagrams of nervous system that you can save to use as your educational resource. These system diagrams are available in the finest quality, just click on the diagram to download the image.

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Autonomic Diagram of nervous system

image via healthiack.com

As with other higher vertebrates, the human nervous system has two main parts: the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord) and the peripheral nervous system (the nerves that carry impulses to and from the central nervous system). In humans the brain is especially large and well developed. The brain and spinal cord form the control center known as the central nervous system (CNS), where information is evaluated and decisions made. The sensory nerves and sense organs of the peripheral nervous system (PNS) monitor conditions inside and outside of the body and send this information to the CNS. Check out the following diagrams of nervous system below.

Diagram of nervous system Labeled

image via images.rapgenius.com

Human Diagram of nervous system

image via upload.wikimedia.org

The nervous system is composed of excitable nerve cells (neurons) and synapses that form between the neurons and connect them to centers throughout the body or to other neurons. These neurons operate on excitation or inhibition, and although nerve cells can vary in size and location, their communication with one another determines their function. These nerves conduct impulses from sensory receptors to the brain and spinal cord.

Peripheral Diagram of nervous system

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Diagram of nervous system Blank

image via denversom.wikispaces.com

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