Diagrams of Body Organs

Printable diagrams of body organs are available in this page with trusted quality. You can learn and download the body diagrams to help you study the human body anatomy. There are five different body diagrams to choose, just explore and click on one of the diagram to download and print it. The first one below is the cartoon version of the overall human body diagrams.

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Cartoon Diagram of Body

image via www.dartmouth.edu

You’ll need diagrams of body to learn about the human body anatomy. There are so many to explore, as the body consists of so many organs and cells. The human head consists of the brain, a pair of eyes and ears, a nose and mouth, all of which help in various sensory functions, such as the ability to process thought, see, hear, smell, and taste. Check out the diagrams below.

Diagram of Body Entire

image via upload.wikimedia.org

Upper Diagram of Body

image via www.clipartbest.com

There are lungs, a heart, a liver, as several of the main organs of the human body. A pair of lungs is located inside the chest, their primary function being the release of oxygen into the blood and extricating carbon dioxide from the blood. The heart is the most active muscular organ, residing marginally on the left section of the body that tirelessly supplies blood to the entire system. An important organ of the digestive system, the liver, is located below the diaphragm and to the right of the stomach.

Aorta Diagram Of Body

image via geekymedics.com

Diagram of Body Face

image via spiritofhealthkc.com

Study about human anatomy using these diagrams as your reference and resources. You can also find other anatomy diagrams in this site by looking through our archive or simply type the key word on the search column!

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