Diagrams of a Plant Structures

Free and printable diagrams of a plant structure are available for free! These diagrams contain the general structure anatomy of a plant. There are three main regions of a plant: the roots, the shoots, and the leaves. The roots generally are below ground level, although there are many types of modified roots. The shoots connect the root to the leaves and comprise what we think of as the plant body: the stem and branches. Finally, the leaves are the photosynthetic organs. Depending upon the type of plant, the leaves may be highly modified, such as the spines of a cactus. First diagram can be seen as follows.

diagram of a plant anatomy
image via www.biology-forums.com

From theĀ diagram of a plantĀ above you can see that the bottom part of a plant that starts everything is the roots. These structures are designed to pull water and minerals from whatever material the plant sits on. For water plants, the roots may be in the water. For traditional trees, the roots go deep into the soil. There are even plants called epiphytes that live in trees and their root system clings to branches. Humans often capitalize on the roots of plants for food. Carrots are just one big orange root.

diagram of a plant biology
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diagram of a plant for kids
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diagram of a plant free
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The majority of the plant you see is made up of stems and leaves. Stems are all about transporting food and water and acting as support structures. Leaves are all about photosynthesis, creating food molecules and absorbing carbon dioxide for the plant. These parts are connected by the vascular system of xylem and phloem that spreads through the entire plant. The tip (terminal bud) of the main stem has a specialized structure that is the source of new growth for plants. You will find the apical meristem that develops into young leaves (primodium). There are other points of growth at each node where leaves and branches develop on the stems. Those branching points are home to axillary buds that can also develop into new branches.

diagram of a plant labeled
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diagram of a plant simple
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diagram of a plant structure
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