Diagrams of a Microscope

Free and printable diagrams of a microscope have been collected for you in high quality and definition. Everyone is familiar with microscope, in fact, anyone who has dealt or been dealing with biology in their life know this magnifying glass. A microscope is an instrument widely to magnify and resolve the image of an object that is otherwise invisible to naked eye. For resolving the details of objects, which otherwise cannot be achieved by naked eye, a microscope is used. The first diagram can be seen in the following image.

diagram of a microscope compound
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Posted above is the compound microscope diagram. A high power or compound microscope achieves higher levels of magnification than a stereo or low power microscope. It is used to view smaller specimens such as cell structures which cannot be seen at lower levels of magnification. Depending upon the organism to be studied and their characteristics, microscopes are actually classified as light or optical microscope, electron microscope and other types like scanning-tunneling microscopes. Other types of diagrams of a microscope are posted below.

diagram of a microscope detail
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diagram of a microscope labeled
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diagram of a microscope labeling
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Today’s high-power—or compound— microscopes use two sets of lenses to give users a much higher level of magnification, along with greater clarity. The first set of lenses are the oculars, or eyepieces, that the viewer looks into; the second set of lenses are the objectives, the lenses closest to the object (specimen). All of the parts of a microscope work together. The light from the illuminator passes through the aperture, through the slide, and through the objective lens, where the image of the specimen is magnified. The then magnified image continues up through the body tube of the microscope to the eyepiece, which further magnifies the image the viewer then sees.

diagram of a microscope parts
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diagram of a microscope type
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diagram of a microscope unlabeled
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A microscope is commonly used in a microbiological laboratory and is uses for the study of organisms. The various parts of a microscope with their associated function are mentioned above. For educational purpose, we also provide you with the unlabeled version of the diagram.