Diagrams of a Cell

Get a handful labeled diagrams of cell to assist your study about animal and plant cell anatomy. These 101 Diagramss are designed to guide you in studying the cell structure of  plant and animals. The most significant difference is if animal cells are eukaryotic cells, or cells with a membrane-bound nucleus, plant cells are eukaryotic cells. Follow our cell diagrams to study more about the cell structures that we have posted below!

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diagram of a cell 3D

image via www.timvandevall.com

The first diagram of a cell posted above is the structure of animal cell. Shape-wise, animal cells are generally smaller than plant cells and come in various sizes and tend to have irregular shapes, plant cells are more similar in size and are typically rectangular or cube shaped. The components of animal cells are centrioles, cilia and flagella, endoplasmic reticulum, golgi apparatus, lysosomes, microfilaments, microtubules, mitochondria, nucleus, peroxisomes, plasma membrane and ribosomes. Check out the diagrams provided in high quality below!

diagram of a cell animal

image via www.hermeticlessons.blogspot.com

diagram of a cell for kids

image via www.pinterest.com

diagram of a cell general

image via www.alfa.img.coom

Other difference between an animal cell and a plant cell is that animal cells are not able to make their own food. There are trillions of cells in the animal body and each one is different depending on its function and type. Organelles in an animal cell are suspended in a fluid called the cytoplasm. A cell membrane encloses the cytoplasm and all contents of the animal cell. Other diagrams are posted in the following images.

diagram of a cell image

image via www.becuo.com

diagram of a cell page

image via www.galleryhip.com

diagram of a cell plant

image via www.becuo.com

You can choose any kind of cell diagrams by clicking on the image and save it for free. All images are provided in high definition and quality. Find other kinds of educational diagrams on the other posts in this site!

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