Diagram of the Mouth

Free and printable collection of the diagram of the mouth have been prepared for you with the highest of quality! The mouth is the first part of the digestive system.  Also known as the oral cavity, the mouth is the hollow cavity that allows food and air to enter the body. The mouth contains many other organs – such as the teeth, tongue, and the ducts of the salivary glands – that work together to aid in the ingestion and digestion of food. The mouth also plays a major role in the production of speech through the movements of the tongue, lips and cheeks. If yo wish you to know more about the anatomy of the mouth, look at the first diagram below.

diagram of the mouth anatomy
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The mouth plays an important role in drinking, eating, breathing, and speaking. The mouth also helps in chewing and biting food. It is actually a hollow cavity formed by the space between the lips, cheeks, tongue, hard and soft palates and the throat. It includes both soft tissues (such as the tongue, soft palate and tonsils) and hard structures (including the teeth and jaw bones into which the teeth are set).

diagram of the mouth detailed
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diagram of the mouth human
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diagram of the mouth labeled
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The outer structures of the mouth are the cheeks on the outside of the the oral cavity and the upper and lower lips which are facial structures that close the oral cavity when rested together such that the lower surface of the upper-lip is in contact with the upper surface of the lower lip. The lips are prominent features of the face and therefore an important topic in the subjects of beauty incl. cosmetic surgery.

diagram of the mouth oral
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diagram of the mouth organs
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diagram of the mouth parts
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