Diagram of Eye

A handy of  free and printable diagrams of eye have been collected for you to save and print in high quality and definition! The anatomy and physiology of the human eye is an important part of many courses e.g. in biology, human biology, physics, and practical courses in medicine, nursing, and therapies. These diagrams contain the simple introduction to the subjects of ‘the eye’ and ‘visual optics’ which includes a simple diagram of the eye together with definitions of the parts of the eye labelled in the illustration. Like the one posted below.

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diagram of eye anatomy

image via myvmc.com

The diagram of eye is a display in which a digital signal from a receiver is repetitively sampled and applied to the vertical input, while the data rate is used to trigger the horizontal sweep. It is so called because, for several types of coding, the pattern looks like a series of eyes between a pair of rails. Well, take a peek inside the human eye with these detailed eye diagrams like the following ones below.

diagram of eye detail

image via iris-pharma.com

diagram of eye detailed

image via centralillinoisvision.com

diagram of eye human

image via eyedesignbook.com

The eyes sit in cone-shaped cavities in the skull called sockets which are surrounded by 6 motion-regulating muscles and multiple layers of fatty tissue that help to protect the eye and give it flexibility. Eyebrows, eyelashes, and eyelids also contribute to this effort. On an oscilloscope, the shape of an eye diagram will depend upon various types of triggering signals, such as clock triggers, divided clock triggers, and pattern triggers. Differences in timing and amplitude from bit to bit cause the eye opening to shrink.

diagram of eye labeled

image via curtisvisionone.co.nz

diagram of eye parts

image via wisegeek.com

diagram of eye structure

image via cnx.org

The details of all the anatomy structure of the eye can be seen in the diagrams above. By using these eye diagrams, you can learn, teach and show your kids how their eyes work. Just click on the image to enlarge and save the diagrams. Have a nice day!

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