Diagram of Chloroplast

This time we have collected a handful of diagram of chloroplast for you to save in high quality! Chloroplasts are organelles present in plant cells and some eukaryotic organisms. Chloroplasts are the most important plastids found in plant cells. It is the structure in a green plant cell in which photosynthesis occurs. It is found in higher plants are generally biconvex or planoconvex shaped. In different plants chloroplasts have different shapes, they vary from spheroid, filamentous saucer-shaped, discoid or ovoid shaped. The first diagram can be seen in the following picture.

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diagram of chloroplast cells

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Like mitochondria, chloroplasts are surrounded by two membranes. The outer membrane is permeable to small organic molecules, whereas the inner membrane is less permeable and studded with transport proteins. The innermost matrix of chloroplasts, called the stroma, contains metabolic enzymes and multiple copies of the chloroplast genome.

diagram of chloroplast detailed

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diagram of chloroplast examples

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diagram of chloroplast labeled

image via imgarcade.com

Chloroplasts also have a third internal membrane called the thylakoid membrane, which is extensively folded and appears as stacks of flattened disks in electron micrographs. The thylakoids contain the light-harvesting complex, including pigments such as chlorophyll, as well as the electron transport chains used in photosynthesis. You can see the details on the following diagram of chloroplast.

diagram of chloroplast membrane

image via studyblue.com

diagram of chloroplast plant

image via shmoop.com

diagram of chloroplast structure

image via wikimedia.org

We also provide you with the unlabeled version of the diagram as the media for evaluation. All diagrams are in high definition and free to be saved and printed!

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