Diagram Of a Leaf

Diagram Of a Leaf to mainly describe you everything about the parts of a leaf and also to provide you with examples in diagram.

diagram of a leaf structure

This should be a common knowledge that most of people know about. First is, this is leaf. Leaf comes from a tree or plant. It is the part of a body from tree or plant. But do you know that a simple leaf can be contained with micro parts, and any of its part are vital and significant for plants and other living organism around them?

diagram of a leaf for kids

This is how leaf made. It made from several parts which are vein, cuticle, guard cell, stoma, and many others. Their function also vary, for example cuticle is used to protect the covered film in the leaf which is waterproof and also to prevent vapor of water from inside. But overall it is mainly used for photosynthesis. Here are some examples of leaf in diagram.

diagram of a leaf cross section diagram of a leaf and photosynthesis diagram of a leaf photosynthesis diagram of a leaf blower