Diagram of A Flower

Diagram of A Flower to mainly explain you about every parts of a flower and to provide you with some image examples in diagram.

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diagram of a flowering plant

Do you like flowers? Do you know that even flowers has reproductive parts for breeding? In here we will share you with some information about flower. Flower is one of part of a plant, a living organism. It has its own parts to serve several purposes, such as reproduction, fertilization, or symbiotic mutualism with animals especially insects. I

diagram of a flower with labels

t can grow fruits and seeds. And from the symbiotic with insects, the pollen can be transferred by them. It also has other parts such as petals (for attracting insects), stigma, anther (for creating pollen), pistil, and even ovary. Here are some images to clarify more about flowers.

diagram of a flower worksheets diagram of a flower and its parts diagram of a flower labeled diagram of a flower for kids

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