Complete Human Muscle Diagrams 2019

Study deeper about the human muscle using the following reference provided in the human muscle diagrams that we have collected in the images below. The muscular system is responsible for the movement of the human body and they are attached to the bones of the skeletal system.

Browse then observe the diagram of body muscle system in the diagrams below.

Human Muscle Diagram Front and Back
Human Muscle Diagram Front and Back.
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The first human muscle diagram above shows you the overview of the human muscular system. The main function of the muscular system is movement. Muscles are the only tissue in the body that has the ability to contract and therefore move the other parts of the body.  These muscles also often contract to hold the body still or in a particular position rather than to cause movement. The following muscle diagram shows the posterior and anterior view of the muscle anatomy.

Human Muscle Diagram Color Group
Human Muscle Diagram Color Group.
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Human Muscle Diagram Full
Human Muscle Diagram Full.
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The cardiac and visceral muscles are primarily responsible for transporting substances like blood or food from one part of the body to another. Each muscle also has its own blood supply, arteries and veins, alongside its own nerve connections. The human body consists of around 640+ skeletal muscles.

Test for Human Muscle Diagram
Test for Human Muscle Diagram.
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Printable Human Muscle Diagram Arm
Printable Human Muscle Diagram Arm.
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For your reference value these muscular system charts that show the major superficial and deep muscles of the human body. The unlabeled version of the diagrams is given to make it easy for you to evaluate and see how well you understand the system and for review purpose. Click on any of these muscles diagrams for a quick print!