Body Organs Diagram

Body Organs Diagram is one of the medical diagrams in this site to mainly explain you about every part of organs in human body and to provide you with some examples in diagram.

body organs diagram liver

Do you know that in every part of our body there are internal organs which are residing within our human body? In here we will share you with some information about our body organs. There are many different kinds of body organs, which are external and internal.

body organs diagram back view

External is organs that can be seen outside of our body (outer part) such as nose, eyes, hands, foots, and mouth. Internal one is the organs which cannot be seen with naked eyes fromĀ outside of our body, it has to be seen through some tools for example a scanner. They are heart, lungs, intestines, and many others. Here are some diagrams for example.

body organs diagram worksheets for elementary body organs diagram right side body organs diagram in spanish body organs diagram from back