Bladder Diagram

Bladder Diagram to basically explain you about the general information of bladder and to provide you with some examples of medical diagrams in diagrams.

bladder diagram

Do you know about your internal body part called bladder? It is an organ for managing your urinary system. It collects the urine from kidneys (after being excreted) then fills up the urine in it before the urine is wasted. Sometimes when you feel like about to go to pee, but you hold it, the bladder might be can stand it or might not.

bladder diagram women

It is suggested that you should straight go to pee right when your bladder is kind of full and when you feel like about to pee rather than holding it in to avoid some possible bad side effects or diseases. There are naturally some parts in your bladder system. And the bladder between man and woman are also different. The following diagrams are the example of bladder.

bladder diagram male bladder diagram for kids bladder diagram 2 bladder diagram 3