3 Circles Venn Diagram Examples

After the two circles diagram Venn we posted previously, now we’re gonna share to yo the 3 circles Venn diagrams in high resolution. Friendly reminder, Venn diagram is a diagram representing mathematical or logical sets pictorially as circles or closed curves within an enclosing rectangle (the universal set), common elements of the sets being represented by the areas of overlap among the circles. The simplest and most typical Venn diagram depicts two overlapping circles. The logic for three sets is similar to the logic for two sets, but the third set adds complexity to the situation. Three overlapping sets can be depicted just like the following illustration below.

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3 circle venn diagram black

image via conceptdraw.com

In two sets circles Venn Diagrams, we had only one area of intersection, which we called “both.” In the case of three sets, we have four areas of overlap. Three of them are logically similar in that they represent the overlap between two sets, whereas the section in the middle is the area of maximum overlap, all three sets. Take a look at the other examples of three circles Venn diagrams below.

3 circle venn diagram example

image via imgcarde.com

3 circle venn diagram modified

image via salongen.de

3 circle venn diagram pdf

image via thepracticalleader.com

In 3 circles Venn diagrams, complements, unions and intersections are handled in the same way as they were with 2 set Venn diagrams. Just like the examples posted in the following images of the diagrams.

3 circle venn diagram simple

image via ogroup.net

3 circle venn diagram worksheet pdf

image via thepracticalleader.com

3 circle venn diagram worksheet

image via learnnc.com

Make your own Venn diagrams by using the templates that we have shared in this site. Find other educational diagram resources in the other posts in this site for free!

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